1 Billion Stick Packs! Batavia Facility Reaches Huge Milestone

MSI Batavia 1 billion stick packs

Shortly before 8pm on December 1st, the MSI Batavia facility packaged and palleted its 1,000,000,000th (one billionth) stick pack.

This accomplishment was a team effort. It took everyone (managers, supervisors, techs, leads in all areas, operators, assemblers, and support staff) having the same goal of being great together to make an accomplishment like this happen. We are so proud of this team and how they have adapted to change, embraced growth, and have never stopped working to improve.

How Much is a Billion?

Fun facts:

  • If you laid 1 billon drink stick packs end to end you would circle the world 2.85 times!
  • $1 billion dollar stacked bills are 124 times taller than Burj Khalifa, the tallest building on the planet
  • Saving $100 per day can get you to $1 billion in 27,397 years
  • Spending $1 each second takes 31 years to reach $1 billion

Source: https://2madness.com/putting-one-billion-in-perspective-will-blow-your-mind-1459798bfe81

MSI Express Billion sticks Infographic FIN

Stick Packaging - A Flexible Dry Powder Packaging Option.

To many, tearing open a stick pack is the way they make their morning instant coffee. But that's not the full story. Today more brands are using stick packs as a primary packaging form factor. Fast, flexible, and high profit margin, the little sealed tubes mean big business for a variety of reasons:

  • Secure single servings delivered in dependable dosing
  • Wide range of sizes and film layer options
  • Smaller dimensions (than tubes or bottles) are easier to store, ship, and shelve
  • Extremely fast packaging
  • High in customer convenience
  • More sustainable (than liquid bottles) consumer option

Considering all the advantages, it's no surprise that an expanding number of industries find stick packs to be the best option for packaging:

For everything that’s right about stick pack packaging, there’s a lot that can go wrong. An experienced contract packaging partner has the right processes and equipment to maintain quality at a high production rate. The experts at MSI Express (after packaging more than a Billion stick packs, we are experts) stand by to make your brand look its best.

Work with MSI Express for fast, cost-effective manufacturing and packaging solutions.

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