Digital Manufacturing Integration

Simplify your supply chain with MSI Express.

Digitally enabled manufacturing delivers a better business strategy and bottom line:

Scale operation with digitally enabled manufacturing

Flexibly Scale Your Operation

Be ready for what’s coming with advanced knowledge. As orders grow, our data and analytics tools will help you realize when to re-order or find alternate suppliers.

Reduce time to market with Digitally Scaled Manufacturing

Reduce Time to Market

Reduce complex business cycles by up to 61% and get real-time answers to help you negotiate dynamic markets.

Increase manufacturing accuracy with Digitally Enabled Manufacturing

Increase Manufacturing Accuracy

Use digital ordering tools to increase accuracy, increase traceability and ensure quality in every case.

Partner with MSI Express and get the benefits of a transformed manufacturing process - from order to delivery.

We adapt to your process.

Extend your digital transformation with MSI Express.

MSI Express can connect with nearly any vendor and perform nearly any transaction. The benefits of a digitally enabled and enhanced business process are enormous:

  • Create instantly relevant reports through your ERP or BI tools.
  • Retrieve real time information on inventory, order status, shipping/receiving, and other critical metrics without waiting on an email.
  • Save employee administration work and reduce paper.
  • Increase automation so you can focus on exception handling and proactively handle issues before they take down production.
  • Make data-informed ordering decisions based on real-time market demands.

We are digital natives.

Our manufacturing and supply chain teams are enhanced with digital tools at every step:

Production and Inventory
Our systems digitally record all inventory consumption, production, adjustments, rejects, and location to ensure your inventory status is kept up to date.

Our digitized asset management and project management program ensures our uptime is maximized with effectively-maintained equipment.

Quality Management
Nearly all checks are digitally recorded for audit and continuous improvement purposes.

We speak EDI.

EDI converts the back and forth of a traditional ordering process into a smooth and speedy transaction. The digital format streamlines a host of workflows through automation, helping teams focus on solving problems rather than data entry.

EDI Order processing benefits

We've invested in building expertise in a wide variety of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) trading partners and transactions.

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Security is baked in.

We protect your data.
Information security and confidentiality are critical business cornerstones. MSI Express guards access to your critical product and company information through encryption and rights managed access. The information we hold on site is guarded by layers of procedural and technical fail safes.

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