Liquid Packaging and Bottle Filling Services

MSI Express Can Solve Any Liquid Packaging Challenge

Partner with us for solutions that impact your bottom line and protect your brand. From shelf-stable liquids like condiments to aseptic juices, MSI Express is your one-stop source for liquid blending and liquid packaging services.

When you choose to work with us for liquid packaging solutions, you’ll be gaining a true partner. The experience we have in virtually all consumer packaged goods categories — along with our ability to add capacity quickly and our efficient manufacturing processes — means we’re able to meet your needs. We design, build and tool our equipment in-house, bolstered by decades of experience shared by our team members. We also benefit from having the best network of vendors and suppliers in the business, which helps us keep our promises to you by compressing the timeline for your systems. We pride ourselves on delivering a single-source solution for liquid contract packaging and everything else we do. Read on to learn more about what we have to offer in the liquid packaging space.

Liquid Blending and Filling

Liquid Blending and Filling

Our bottle filling services can fill and seal bottles of all shapes and sizes. Let our experts recommend the most cost-effective solution for your liquid product.


  • Shelf stable blending
    • Mix tanks up to 6,000 gallons
    • Jacketed mix tanks
    • RO purified water sourced from the largest body of fresh water in the world
    • Tanks are on load cells to ensure filling accuracy
  • Pouches
    • Shelf stable or hot fill
    • 3- or 4-sided pouch, premade pouch
    • 1 ml.–16 oz.
    • Single or double fills
    • Nitrogen purge

Aseptic Processing & Packaging

Aseptic Processing & Packaging

With our extensive beverage experience, we can blend and package any liquid — from shelf stable to aseptic — to meet your project specs and get your product on the store shelves fast.

When it comes to energy drinks, juices, drink mixes, thickened beverages and smoothies, we have a wide variety of beverage experience to meet your project requirements.


  • Aseptic Processing
    • High acid with pH lower than 4.6
  • Juices
    • Aseptic carton: 500 ml.–2L paperboard/Combibloc equipment
    • Aseptic bag in box: 1–3 gal. for food service and retail
  • Thickened or flavored juices
    • Aseptic 4 oz. cups

Bring us your liquid processing and filling challenges.

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Working with MSI Express means you get more than just contract liquid packaging capabilities. Whereas many of our competitors look at a difficult request and say “no,” we take the opposite approach. No matter your challenge, we’re always willing to say “bring it on” and tackle it in the most straightforward manner. Our holistic method of problem-solving means we look at your entire supply chain management and find new ways to save you time and money. Our clients know they can count on us to anticipate their needs and find solutions that they may not have even known about before.

We’re also committed to providing the most sustainable and ecologically responsible contract bottle filling services found anywhere in the industry. Our goal is to drive better energy efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint, making us the sustainability leader in the packaging industry. This commitment also helps our customers come closer to achieving their goals just by working with us. No matter the circumstances, we can provide you with the most complete answer to your packaging problems.

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MSI Express is your single-source manufacturing and packaging solution and your partner for any job size or type.