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Manufacturing and Packaging Jobs in a Culture That Is Caring, Safe, Collaborative, and Fun

MSI Express will empower you with opportunities to grow professionally, become your best, and make a real impact on our business and that of our customers. As we continue to grow, there are no limits to what we can accomplish together. If you’re looking for a career where you are heard, respected, trusted, and valued, we encourage you to check out our job openings and apply.

The MSI Express Way: A Foundation of Safety, Quality, and Productivity

Grow your manufacturing and packaging career at a company that is committed to giving our employees and customers complete confidence.

  • Empowerment: We empower and entrust our site leaders to ensure the safety of their employees, the quality of their products, and to be accountable for the profitability of their businesses.
  • Caring Culture: We never compromise on employee safety, food safety, and quality. We will foster a safe, collaborative, and fun work environment where each employee is respected, trusted, and valued.
  • Rules & Tools: We have an established set of tools, best practices, and common systems to be used across all locations.
  • Measurement: We measure our performance in real time to ensure that every employee understands our performance, every customer is satisfied, and every order is profitable.

The MSI Express Path Forward: Create A Prosperous Future For Us All

Our company is well-structured, well-organized, and well-positioned to provide unlimited opportunities for your packaging career.

  • Growth: We will focus on growing the business by partnering with our customers now and building for the future.
  • Leadership: The combined industry expertise from MSI, Express, and Power will provide our customers with the best manufacturing and packaging experience.
  • Empowerment: We will allow our Facility Managers to lead and our engineers to implement great solutions — we’ll give them the tools to excel.
  • Opportunity: We will invest in ongoing changes that are necessary for growth.
  • Improved systems
  • Continuous improvement focus
  • New product commercialization
  • Creative partnerships with our customers