Our Sustainability Program


Our goal is to be the sustainability leader in contract manufacturing industry.

MSI Express will drive internal sustainability through:

  • Driving better energy efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Reducing landfill waste to zero.
  • Moving towards 100% recyclable material use.
  • Enabling our customers to meet their sustainability goals.

Our Road Map

INNOVATE - MSI Express pursues innovative answers and high-impact results.

MSI Sustainability Program - Measure, Strategize, Innovate


  • External - Partner with customers to decrease packaging and waste. Include sustainable packaging and vendor options in customer quotes.
  • Internal - Provide staff training programs on waste reduction and recycling.

Energy Conservation

  • Power facilities with 100% carbon-free energy where feasible.
  • Use facility waste heat recovery systems and minimize water use and discharge.
  • Quantify and reduce GHG emissions.


  • Identify and source sustainable options for packaging materials.
  • Expand internal waste recycling programs to cover ALL packaging materials.
  • Feed people not landfills; divert excess food to those in need.

Our Progress


In 2021 we translated sustainable strategies into measurable results, both internally and for our customers:

Overall Emissions

MSI overall C02 emissions

Realized emissions savings includes the conversion of major facility to 100% clean energy and efficiency efforts.

Electricity Usage

MSI Express electricity usage

Significant capital investments include LED lighting, HVAC updates, and the addition of VFD on motors.

Trash to Treasure

MSI Trash to treasure recycling program

Our Trash to Treasure program makes recycling and waste reduction part of our production process.

Customized Reporting

MSI Express reporting

MSI reporting through a shared ERP allows individual customer emission profiles and waste reduction plans.

Packaging Reduction

MSI Express beverage sticks

Over a billion drink sticks has potential to reduce plastic bottles and still achieve flavor and functional benefits.

Sustainable Packaging Options

MSI Express sustainable packaging

We continue to expand sustainable plant-based packaging and ingredient options for our customers.

Use our experience to expand your sustainability goals today.

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