How to Interview a Product Commercialization Partner

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The business of food production differs significantly from the creativity involved in experimenting in the kitchen, and all brands share a common goal: reaching store shelves. Whether it's a Fortune 500 consumer products company developing a new snack line or an emerging brand aspiring to sell Aunt Anna’s chili recipe nationwide, both need to navigate the process of product commercialization. Contract manufacturers are strategically positioned to assist you through the steps of product commercialization. But how do you determine which co-packer is the right fit for your business? Here are several critical questions to ask during your evaluation:

Do you handle raw material sourcing?

Turning a small batch prototype into a large-scale household brand is both an art and a science. A product commercialization partner who understands the science of material sourcing takes into account timing raw source material to keep the production line moving and also takes measures to hold production costs at target.

How to you schedule production?

A co-packer who schedules production based solely on their own line availability may not be suitable for your company’s product launch. Understand early on whether your co-packer considers market demands, your marketing schedule, and designs campaigns to ensure the success of your product.

What are your processes to manage compliance and QA?

Beyond achieving expected production numbers, meeting and exceeding food safety and compliance requirements is “mission one” for reputable co-packers. Request detailed documentation on quality control measures, the company’s quality certifications, and the internal processes established to ensure product consistency.

How do you manage quality control?

Look for a co-packer who is zealous about the ongoing process of quality control. Every production batch should be tested and connected to the required documentation, as well as final inspected before leaving the packaging facility.

MSI Express: Your Premier Partner for Product Commercialization

At MSI Express, we distinguish ourselves in the marketplace through our exceptional commercialization services, a testament to our leadership in contract manufacturing. Annually, we bring hundreds of new products to life across our expansive network of 14 plants in 6 states. Our success is mirrored in the continuous positive feedback from our CPG and emerging brand customers.

Seamless Integration with Your Vision

Our approach to commercializing new products is more than just a service; it's a partnership. We integrate our commercialization team with your vision, utilizing our in-house developed Playbook process. This method isn't just a procedure; it's a company-wide collaboration involving plant and functional teams, tailored to meet your product's launch schedule effectively and efficiently.

Aligning with MSI Express’s Core Values

Our commercialization process isn’t just about manufacturing; it’s about embodying the values and culture of MSI Express. We align our services with the core principles of safety, quality, and productivity, coupled with best-in-class customer service. Our approach is rooted in being a learning organization, constantly improving and adapting to ensure we are always ahead in sustainability efforts, energy efficiency, and innovative solutions.

Take Action with MSI Express

Choose MSI Express as your commercialization partner for a seamless, effective, and efficient journey from concept to consumer. We’re more than a service provider; we’re your strategic ally in the competitive CPG landscape. Connect with us to explore how we can turn your innovative ideas into successful market realities.

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