MSI Express Partners with Imbibe to Enhance Innovation and Market Leadership

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MSI Express, a pioneering force in contract manufacturing and the North American leader in stick pack solutions, is excited to announce a powerful collaboration with Imbibe, a trailblazer in product development and flavor innovation. This partnership aims to revolutionize the food and beverage industry by delivering exceptional flavors, unmatched insights, and comprehensive support to customers.

MSI Express boasts an impressive manufacturing capability with fourteen plants in six states and six Centers of Excellence with stick packs being one of them. MSI Express is a leader in U.S. contract stick pack manufacturing, producing over two billion sticks annually. MSI Express’ stick pack journey began with the collaboration and successful commercialization of the first stick pack for the iconic Crystal Light brand in 2005. MSI Express has a variety of stick pack solution alternatives which can take your brand from start up to providing mass and scale as your brand grows. Key benefits offered are fast and flexible which can help increase speed to market while minimizing potential new product launch risks.

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The collaboration between MSI Express’ unrivaled stick pack capability with Imbibe’s expertise in flavor chemistry and product development opens the door to innovative solutions that drive product differentiation. Combining their expertise, resources, and shared commitment to innovation, both companies are poised to redefine standards and cultivate a culture of excellence and market leadership.

With a legacy dating back to 1963, Imbibe has played a pivotal role as an unmatched research and development partner and ingredient supplier. Imbibe simplifies complex processes and ensures superior products enter the marketplace by assembling the right team, utilizing cutting-edge tools, and deploying revolutionary techniques. Imbibe’s progressive approach unlocks the true potential of the food and beverage industry by creating inventive flavors and ingredient systems that foster product differentiation and purposeful innovation. Chief Commercial Officer, Andy Dratt, commented “Because we started in beverage, for a long time our customers assumed that we were only proficient in RTDs, so we’re excited for this collaboration to solidify our position as premier powder formulators and flavorists.”

Imbibe's core ingredient portfolio includes an extensive range of flavors along with The Senses™, a suite of taste modulation tools that enhance flavor, sweetness perception, and the overall taste and sensory experience. In addition, Imbibe provides customized ingredient systems such as stabilizers, functional pre-mixes, natural sweeteners, and more, designed to support the growth objectives of their valued customers.

"We are thrilled to join forces with Imbibe, a company known for its unparalleled expertise in formulation and its commitment to driving innovation," said Chuck Woods, VP Commercial at MSI Express. "This collaboration allows us to offer our stick pack customers access to Imbibe's cutting-edge science and flavors, enabling us to deliver cutting-edge products that meet evolving consumer demands and drive industry dominance.”

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