PepsiCo - Contract Manufacturer of the Year - Grand Prairie – 2022

MSI pepsico award

PepsiCo has awarded the MSI Express plant in Grand Prairie, TX, Contract Manufacturer of the Year for 2022. This announcement was made during our collaborative Quarterly Business Review on April 10th, 2023. Grand Prairie was selected out of a population of 50 contract manufacturers with a total of 80 sites.

According to Chuck Woods, Senior Director of Commercial Services, "We are proud of the recognition by PepsiCo. We appreciate all of the efforts and contributions of the Grand Prairie team. Grand Prairie is one of our 15 plants in 6 states in our food & beverage contract manufacturing network. MSI Express customers sleep confidently at night knowing their brand equity is safely in our hands. We have earned their trust with our proven operations track record along with all of our top food industry certifications. With trust comes responsibility and we stay on top of our game. MSI Express is a strategic, innovative contract manufacturing and packaging company."

Chuck Woods continues, emphasizing MSI Express's growing capabilities. He states, "Our growing breadth of capabilities and trusted team of problem solvers are a perfect match for the challenges of today’s CPG world. With an engineer as a founding partner, our company has a leg up on creating innovative engineering solutions to package your products more timely and efficiently."

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