Three Important Advantages Of Tech-Driven Food Contract Manufacturers

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In the dynamic landscape of manufacturing, brands are incessantly seeking ways to optimize cost, quality, and efficiency. With the advent of sophisticated technologies, the criteria for choosing contract manufacturers (co-manufacturers or co-mans) are rapidly evolving. For brands aiming for excellence, it's no longer solely about manufacturing capabilities; it's about harnessing technology for superior results and competitiveness. Partnering with a tech-driven contract manufacturer brings more to the table for your brand. Here are the three top advantages:

Access production alternatives.

Robotic automation will continue to open new possibilities in food manufacturing and co-mans with expertise in robotics offer a plethora of advantages. Robotic manufacturing not only drives down costs but also ensures precision and consistency, qualities indispensable in today's competitive market. As labor costs rise and manual processes become less viable, robotics emerge as a compelling solution for scalability and efficiency.

“Integrating robotics into contract manufacturing is not so much about replacement as it is about supplementation for human labor. Giving our team members meaningful growth and career opportunities is one of our biggest focus areas. The ability to service our customers and train our people on the latest proven technologies is a win-win scenario for all,” commented David Freed, CIO of MSI Express, during the October 2023 Packworld Live and Local event.

Gain confidence in quality.

Automation isn't just about production; it extends to quality control as well. Vision systems, which have the potential to conduct 100% quality inspection, ensure that every product meets the stipulated standards with full auditability. By harnessing the power of these systems, brands can confidently guarantee the excellence of their products, enhancing trust and credibility in the eyes of consumers.

Get deeper insights into your manufacturing process more quickly.

Remember that data is king. Co-mans employing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) or Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) provide an invaluable edge. This connectivity offers real-time visibility into operations, fostering transparency and seamless collaboration. With data-driven insights, brands can make agile decisions, optimize inventory, and ensure timely deliveries.

As the manufacturing landscape shifts, the brands partnering with tech-driven co-mans will lead the pack with distinct advantages. It's about harnessing the combined power of robotics, vision systems, and data connectivity to forge a future of unparalleled excellence.

With tech-enabled facilities, specialized equipment, and a team of experienced professionals, MSI Express can ensure consistent quality and fast turnarounds for your products. Look to MSI Express to supercharge your brand and reach new heights in the marketplace.

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