What Makes Bag-In-Box Packaging A Smarter Solution?

MSI bag in box example

The packaging industry is always looking for ways to improve its offerings for manufacturers. Packagers want to make things easier for their customers by reducing costs, improving sustainability and enhancing shelf life. However, they have to balance that against what their clients need packages to do.

In the case of the food and beverage market, a package needs to be as cost-effective and sustainable as possible while also preserving freshness and being convenient for consumers. In the case of liquid products, the emergence of bag-in-box packaging has been a significant development. But what makes this type of package a better choice compared to bottles and other rigid containers? Read on to learn more.

What Is Bag-In-Box Packaging?

As the name suggests, this type of packaging solution consists of a strong plastic bag containing liquid housed in a sturdy fiberboard box. Some commonly seen examples of these packages include boxed wine and syrups used in commercial soft drink fountain systems. In many cases, the bag has a spigot attached to it to allow whatever it contains to be dispensed.

Why Is It Superior to Other Types of Packaging?

There are a number of reasons why bag-in-box packages are preferred by manufacturers and consumers. These include:

  • Storage: Unlike bottles or pails, bag-in-box packages can be stacked on top of each other easily, without the need for special pallets. They also take up less space on the floor of a warehouse or distribution center. This makes them a good choice because distributors and retailers can store more units in the same basic footprint.
  • Transportation: The rectangular shape of these boxes means more of them can fit on a single skid. This makes them more convenient to ship and enables shippers to fit more of them into a single trailer or container. Unlike rigid plastic containers, they also flex and bend without breaking when there’s a bump in the road.
  • Sustainability: These packages use fewer resources than rigid plastic bottles or pails, making them an eco-friendlier option. The cardboard boxes are completely biodegradable and recyclable, meaning at least 75% of the entire package has an extremely small impact on the environment compared to other types. Because they also weigh less than plastic containers, they result in fewer emissions created during transportation.
  • Convenience: Their relatively light weight and square shape make these packages easier to handle for store employees and consumers. In addition, the presence of a spigot makes them easier to use because they can be left in a refrigerator or on a flat surface to dispense their contents.

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