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MSI Express Ripon WI 2

MSI Announces New Wisconsin Plant Location

February 03, 2023
MSI Express is proud to announce the addition of Ripon, WI as the 15th plant in our contract manufacturing & packaging network. Read on to learn how this new addition improves our contract manufacturing services.

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MSI sustainable packaging example

Five Ways to Achieve Your Sustainable Packaging Goals

January 25, 2023
MSI Express explores the five critical factors impacting sustainable packaging today. Read this guide for detailed advice on how to achieve a more sustainable supply chain.

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MSI Batavia 1 billion stick packs

1 Billion Stick Packs! Batavia Facility Reaches Huge Milestone

December 08, 2022
Shortly before 8pm on December 1st, the MSI Batavia facility packaged and palleted its 1,000,000,000th (one billionth) stick pack. Read on for the full story.

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MSI contract bottle filling example

A Look Into Bottle Filling Contract Packaging Services

November 10, 2022
Bottle filling contract packaging services with MSI Express get your products to market quickly and cost-effectively. Click here to learn how.

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MSI secondary packaging example

What Is Secondary Packaging?

November 04, 2022
Product packaging can be complex. For example, what is secondary packaging? Click here for the answer, and learn how it differs from primary packaging.

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MSI bag in box example

What Makes Bag-In-Box Packaging A Smarter Solution?

November 01, 2022
What is bag-in-box packaging, and what makes it a smarter solution for liquid products? Click here to learn the answers.

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